Story of Sayerlack

Sayerlack is the flagship brand distributed by JAT HOLDINGS LIMITED. Initiated in 1954, Sayerlack, based in Italy constantly provide the most innovative and highest quality wood finishes to the industry. Commitment to research and development of new technologies has led to the brand being recognized as the largest producer of wood coatings in the world.

Distribution to 80+ Countries Worldwide

Sayerlack distributes its products worldwide through its foreign branches and a global distribution network

64 of Years of Experience

Years of experience has enabled the company to conduct extensive research and development in order to perfect their product portfolio

Millions of Satisfied Customers

Global customer satisfaction has skyrocketed in recent years as wood preservation has taken a front seat and the only product with lasting effects is Sayerlack

Story of Sayerlack and JAT

Sayerlack is the pioneer in wood-based coatings offering a wider range of products including polyurethane and nitro cellular lacquers with scratch, heat and chemical resistant properties. In 2015 JAT Paints became the largest distributor in the world for Sayerlack.

In 1995 – JAT Holdings partners with Sayerlack


2002 – Became the market leader in wood coatings in Sri Lanka


2003 – JAT enters Bangladesh and then become the industry leader in wood coatings


2004 – JAT expands to the entire South Asian region covering India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives


2017 – JAT becomes the largest distributor in the world for Sayerlack


All finishes offered are ensured to transform wood into any aesthetic design. From the richest natural look, any coloured stain, to special effects such as a leather finish, craquelet, marble, rustic and much more can be achieved.

PU, PE & NC Coatings
Special Effects


Finishing off wood requires careful planning to ensure the finished piece looks attractive, performs well and meets safety and environmental requirements. Sayerlack Waterbase has unique features such as non-fading/ rotting, resistance to rainwater/UV rays and salt spray, because doors, window frames and wood work exposed to the outdoor environment needs the best wood preservative applicant available in the market.

0.5L | 1L | 2.5L | 4L | 5L | 6L | 10L | 25L

Dark Walnut
AM 549 - 95

American Walnut
AM549 84






Burma Teak


Dark Mahogany






Whether you choose to stain your wood project or not, it is important that you protect the wood with a clear finish, such as Polyurethane. Most clear finishes are available in gloss, semi-gloss, and stain sheens. Choosing a sheen depends on your personal preference.

25L | 10L | 2.5L | 500ml

XC 1900 - 14 Blue

XC 1900 - 89 Teak

XC 1900 - 90 Mahogany

XC 1900 - 95 Walnut

XC 1900-04 Yellow

XC 1900 - 22 Black

XC 1900-42 Green

XC1900-08 Red

XM7100-04 Yellow

XM7100-72 Black

XM7100-87 Antique Walnut

XM7100-90 Mahogany

XM8000-56 Cherry

XM8000-88 Walnut Brown

XM8000-90 Mahogany

XM8000-93 Pale Walnut

XM8000-S6 Elba Blue

Special Effects

Special effects can be used to highlight features and also add dramatic effects to furniture and cabinetry. They are translucent waterbased colours that can be selectively applied and wiped off, leaving deeper or contrasting colour behind to enhance and highlight project features.

25L | 10L | 2.5L | 500ml

Marble Finish

Pigmented Green

Pigmented Yellow Green

White Wash Finish

Fillerment Finish

Wash Finish

Cracklet Finish

Dusty Glaze Finish (2)

Dusty Glaze Finish

Glass Coating

New Innovations

Sayerlack has the solution to all Wood Coatings challenges. It has the backing of a strong, proactive and innovative R&D team. Sayerlack is the pioneer in waterbase wood coating solutions.

AF63 Series AF63 Series

Clear Waterborne Self-sealer

Can be directly applied to the wood without having to treat the surface previously with a sealer.

TU 218 TU 218

PU Top Coat – Outdoor Use

Resistance to bad weather, temperature fluctuations, UV and chemical attacks.

OLV2322/00 OLV2322/00

Natural Oil-Food Grade

A safe, food-grade coating for any and all wooden crockery that comes into contact with food.


Sayerlack double the life of furniture and has high elasticity leading to no cracks due to exposure to UV rays.

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